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Bathtub Refinishing

The most common reasons to refinish a tub are: outdated colors (avocado, pink, sea foam green to name a few), damage, rust and a dull finish. These are all remedied in just a few hours with our refinishing process. After refinishing, you have a tub with a smooth glossy finish that will stay looking great for years and is easy to maintain.

Typically we can fix:
  • Outdated colors
  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Pits
  • Rust
  • Scratches
  • Dull finish

  • Tile Refinishing

    Tile refinishing is the easiest way to move from a grungy wall to a new one! Using special fillers, we repair cracks and holes. Then we fill any missing grout with material designed specifically for the refinishing process. Finally we prep the surface and apply the topcoat. The complete process yields a moisture proof barrier for years of mold-free use.

    We typically can fix:
  • Outdated colors
  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Scratches
  • Broken Tiles
  • Missing Grout Lines
  • Dull Finish

  • Countertop Refinishing

    The kitchen is the gathering place for today's busy families. Countertops have a big impact on the overall appearance and value of your home. The foundation of most countertops is fine; it's just minor surface problems (stains, burns and knife cuts) that makes them look tired and worn. Sometimes the color is dated, really dragging down the room. These problems just "go away" with our refinishing process. View Color Choice Chart

    Problem areas are fixed and a completely new, easy to clean, low maintenance, semi-gloss topcoat is applied. The result is a brand-new looking kitchen with attractive, durable counters. Ask about our new "faux" granite topcoat, available in a myriad of popular colors.

    Sink Refinishing

    Refinishing a bathroom sink usually completes the transformation into a showcase bath. Outdated color is a very common reason for refinishing.
    Chips and dull color are also common. After refinishing, the sink will look as good as new; all imperfections will be remedied and a brilliant, durable finish applied.
    Anti-slip treatment for any tile floor

    ATTENTION: SENIORS, HOTELS, MOTELS, ASSIST LIVING FACILITIES, SENIOR RETIREMENT FACILITIES, APARTMENT COMPLEXES, BUSINESS & HOME OWNERS! Are you concerned about slipping and falling on wet slippery tile floors? Slipping and falling has become a major cause of injuries to the senior community and a huge liability. Statistics show that over 90% of injuries are caused by falls.

    We typically can fix:
    We can make your bathroom, entry way, kitchen or any other tile floor even safer wet than when they are dry by applying our anti slip treatment to your tile floor. Our treatment will not affect the appearance of your floor, but will greatly reduce slippage and falling. Tests show it will make tile floors even safer wet than when they are dry. It will increase your self-confidence when stepping out of the tub with wet slippery feet or coming in on a rainy day with your hands full of heavy baggage.

    Spot Repair

    Professional spot repair services are available for fixtures that are chipped or cracked, but do not need complete refinishing. Call or email us for a quote.


    Is your tub or shower bottom cracked and leaking? You can't just let it go. Water trapped underneath your tub or shower can cause damage to your home and worse, serious health problems. We can custom make a new bottom to fit over the damaged surface.
    Our professional and attractive method of permanently fixing broken fiberglass and acrylic tub/shower bottoms is an affordable alternative to total replacement.

    The Refinishing Process

    The workplace
    The refinishing process starts with preparing the workplace. A powerful ventilation system is put into place to vent fumes to the outside. The area surrounding the tub is protected.

    Any required repairs are made. This includes cracks, dents, scratches and rust.

    Thorough preparation of the surface is critical to a beautiful and lasting finished product. The surface needs to be prepared so the topcoat will adhere permanently.

    Finally the topcoat is applied with a professional spray gun. The skill of our craftsmen mean the resulting finish will be durable, lasting and free of drips or streaks.

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